Auto Parts

Stamping parts can be found in automotive use. We are heading toward the automobile industry in the future. Although we are well-known in stamping fields, we don't want to compete with others for those simple and volumes of auto parts. We use the flexible design properties of the progressive die stamping tooling and work together with customers  to find the best manufacturing solutions.

  • Part name: Drum Rring
    Description: 0.3mm thick, progressive die stamping,
    safety concern part with strength requirements.
  • Part name: Ball Stop
    Description: Cold rolled steel 1.0mm thick, progressive die drawing process,
    safety part with wall thickness and strength requirements.
  • Part name: Locking Lever
    Description: Cold forging progressive die stamping, part thickness 4.0mm,
    pivot post Ø5.0mm, 3.0mm long, concentricity Ø0.05mm,
    small post Ø2.1mm, 2.75mm long, positioning Ø0.05mm,
    teeth with fine smooth edge surfaces.
  • Part name: Lock Dog

    Progressive die stamping, center post Ø2.5mm, 4.5mm long,
    perpendicularity 0.1mm, positioning Ø0.2mm,
    teeth with fine smooth edge surfaces.

  • Part name: Tongue
    Description: Carbon steel, fine blanking edge quality with minimun die roll.