Steel Parts

Our current products are mainly made of steel. The materials we use include SAPH440, SPHC, SPCC, SPFH590, S50C, SAE 1065, SCM415, SAE 4130(SCM430), etc. With the heat treatment process a steel part can get significant mechnical properties improvement. High elongation steel materials are very suitable for making cold forging parts by using progressive die stamping toolings.

  • Part name: 33T bicycle chainring
    Description: Alloy steel, progressive die stamping
  • Part name: Shifting Sleeve
    Description: O.D. 15mm, progressive die stamping, acting as a clutch.
  • Part name: Fastener
    Description: Special head features done by drawing, lots of tiny features,
    35mm long, 11mm wide, material thickness 0.8mm, carbon steel.
  • Part name: Cog
    Description: High strength Cr-Mo steel,
    inner and outter profiles with fine blanking quality,
    progressive die forming, 4.0mm thick.